The Sakata Building

The Sakata Property contains commercial and institutional buildings reflective of the vernacular architecture of plantation-era Hawaiʻi. It is the longest single-story building in town, and the otherwise straight façade has a slight bend in the middle to accommodate a curve on the mauka side of Mamane Street. Charmingly idiosyncratic, the building’s six commercial spaces have undergone individual modifications over the years resulting in a non-rhythmical placement of windows and doors for an overall asymmetric composition.

The building was home to the Tofukuji Hospital garage and laundry but gets its name from another anchor tenant over the years, the Sakata Art Studio. Kyuhachi Sakata, a Japanese immigrant, first leased his studio in one of the building’s bays on December 21, 1921. By the mid-1950s his son, Masaaki, had purchased the building the two Sakatas operated their photography partnership from the location. The building remains in the family to this day.

Sakata Building Nomination Form