Onomea Bay

Spectacular views of eight streams, numerous waterfalls, and the former Onomea Bay Sea Arch made Onomea a popular stop along the Hamakua Coast. The Bay provided one of the best landings for ships, as most of the shoreline consists of 150 foot high cliffs. Inland, Onomea Sugar Company was begun in 1888 by Charles Whetmore and E. G. Hitchcock. Onomea, Paukaa and Papaikou sugar plantations were reorganized into the Onomea Sugar Company in 1888. The Company had an unusually large,water-driven, nine-roller mill located at the foot of the gulch. Sugar cars were hauled from the mill to the landing by a cable and sugar could then be sent by cable to the hold of ships without re-handling – a distinct logistical and financial advantage compared to many other small sugar operations. Today, you can drive a four-mile loop around the bay and tour the botanical gardens.