The M.S. Botelho Building and Garage

The Botelho Building is a two-story commercial structure and a single-story attached garage situated on a 45,807 square-foot, sloping lot on the makai side of Māmane Street. Anticipating that the Hawaiʻi Consolidated Railway would soon reach Honokaa, local Manuel S. Botelho purchased the land in 1920-21 as an investment, and the structure was built in 1927.

Unfortunately for Botelho, the railroad that had reached nearby Paʻauilo in 1913 would stop there and never make it as far as Honokaa, but the building has found many purposes since; it has been the home of not only the garage but several commercial enterprises, a dance studio, and at one time a bar. During World War II it was leased out as the local USO headquarters and military recruitment center, becoming a hub of activity where off-duty servicemen could be found recreating in its dance hall. The building remains in good condition and retains its integrity of location, design, materials, setting, craftsmanship, feeling, and association.

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